East West Massage is a small therapist-owned massage center located in Newton, MA, just west of Boston. We are a diverse team of experienced massage therapists.

Current News - Weekly Openings:

Here are just a few of the many massage openings available this week with our fantastic team.

11:00am and 12:15pm -- with Joanne Haddad
3:45pm -- with Beth Cohen
3:45pm and 6:15pm -- with Julia Leahy

11:00am, 12:15pm, and 1:30pm -- with Joanne Haddad
1:30pm, 2:45pm, and 4:00pm -- with Michelle Ploof

1:45pm and 4:45pm -- with Julia Leahy
2:15pm and 3:30pm -- with Joanne Haddad
3:15pm and 6:00pm -- with Beth Cohen
4:45pm -- with Ramon Rodriguez

11:00am and 12:15pm -- with Joanne Haddad
2:00pm and 3:15pm -- with Beth Cohen
3:30pm -- with Ramon Rodriguez
5:30pm and 6:45pm -- with Julia Leahy

11:15am -- with Joanne Haddad
12:30pm and 1:45pm -- with Julia Leahy
2:45pm and 5:30pm -- with Beth Cohen

12:15pm -- with Michelle Ploof
12:15pm and 3:15pm -- with Julia Leahy
12:30pm and 1:45pm -- with Beth Cohen

To book one of these appointments, please give us a call at 617-340-9870! 

Photos and Stories from the Yoga, Horseback Riding, and Hiking Retreat in Stowe, VT this July (by Slava Kolpakov)

Monthly Massage Membership Program is Now Available. 

  • Save over $15.00 on every massage!
  • Unused massage sessions roll over month to month.
  • Receive additional massages at your exclusive member rate.
  • Purchase 1 Gift Certificate/month at your exclusive member rate.
  • Exclusive member rate of $15 for 30-minute Sauna (up to two users).