About Us

East West Massage is a therapist-owned massage center with two locations around Boston. Our original massage center is located in Newton, MA, just west of Boston; and the newer location is in on the Cambridge / Somerville line near Lechmere Station and easily accessible from Boston by public transportation. We are a diverse team of experienced massage therapists, focusing on Deep-Tissue massageSports MassageNeuromuscular Therapy, and Thai Massage

We specialize in Eastern and Western Massage Styles and their combinations for most effective results.

East West Massage Therapy was founded by Slava Kolpakov in 2009. 

Slava started his initial private practice in Newton, MA, in 2007 upon moving from San Diego, CA. He received his Holistic Practitioner education in 2004-2005 specializing in Eastern Healing Arts, and spent six months in 2006 in Thailand and India.  

After growing his practice for a couple of years, Slava set out to expand into a bigger space and invite other like-minded highly-skilled therapists and bodyworkers. 

Slava's vision was and is to integrate Eastern therapies with Western modalities for more effective results. 

Initially, he built his own practice primarily on the fusion of Traditional Thai Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy. He found this combination so effective in treating specific muscle/skeletal/tissue imbalances that the idea of the East West center was born.  

Currently, many therapists at East West Massage have trained with Slava and practice the fusion of Eastern and Western massage techniques.

We pride ourselves on being unique, all-inclusive, and eclectic in our wide range of massage services. 

We recently added a second location in Cambridge, MA, and will continue to offer the same quality and variety in the new location.

All of our therapists at East West Massage have a devoted following of clients. Our clients value their therapeutic relationship with their massage therapists and view it as an integral part of their healthy lifestyle and overall sustainable well-being. 

We invite you to give us a try and experience the East West difference! 

Schedule Your Massage: 617-340-9870