Cancellation Policy Announcement 2015

Dear Valued Clients,

I hope you are doing well and enjoying the beautiful autumn air.

I want to let you know about a new policy that we will be starting  next week (October 12th 2015), and our reasoning behind it. 

We are continually grateful that so many of you choose East West as your go-to massage clinic. 

Our therapists, for the most part, have been busy with fulfilling work that they love. 

However, more business also means more occasions that we are turning away requests for sessions.  Unfortunately, we have also noticed a rise in the number of "no-shows" and last minute cancellations.  Often times, an empty session time could have been filled by a last minute request from another client, but this can't happen without some advanced notice.

So we are requesting that, should you need to cancel your appointment, that you give us 24 hours notice to do so, or pay for your session in full.

I want to assure you that we understand the nature of emergencies, and we certainly will honor these special occurrences with understanding, and without penalty.  However, we find that we are no longer able to bear the burden of appointments that are not kept simply because someone forgot to show up.  No payment from a client who forgot means no payment for the therapist, and an empty time slot. 

For these reasons, we will be requesting credit card information at the time of your next booking, and charging you for sessions scheduled,  barring any unforeseen emergency.

I sincerely hope that you can appreciate our need for this policy in order to run our business and to respect the time and energy of our therapists, who are ready and waiting for you to arrive, and whom, in several cases, drive a significant distance to be here for you.

For those of you who are members or have a value-pack on file with us, we will simply use the automatic charge to cover the cost of the session.  For those who pay per session, we will be requesting credit card information the next time you book with us either in person, on the phone, or with our secure on-line payment system.

In order to minimize the chance that you will have to pay for a forgotten session, here are a few suggestions that I hope will be helpful:

1) Check your calendar(s) at the time you are booking to make sure there is no scheduling conflict with your appointment.

2) Double check your email to be sure that we have scheduled you for the correct date and time.

3) Take note of the reminder email which should arrive in your inbox the day before your appointment.

4) Remember how good you will feel during and after your massage! (an experience not to be missed!)

We greatly appreciate your understanding with this, and we appreciate you for your continued patronage.


Slava and the East West team

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