Corporate Massage Programs

Option 1: We Come to You

Option 2: You Visit Our Center

If your company is having a special day such as Employee Appreciation, or a summer social, or a Friday Happy Hour, we would love to be part of it. 

You tell us:

A. Date of the Event;

B. How many therapists you need which depends on how many people will receive massage: 3-5 people/hour per therapist

We provide: 

A. Tension Relief, Stress Reduction, and Muscle Soreness Recovery; 

B. Massage tables and chairs, and all supplies needed; 

C. Friendly Attitude.

Our Rates: 

$65/hour per therapist - under 10 hours of total time 

$60/hour per therapist - over 10 hours 

We created "Tension Relief in the Workplace" Program specifically for companies around Cambridge and Boston.

This is an Employee Benefit program: 

  • 6-month commitment of 1 massage per month to relieve tension and reduce stress.
  • We offer our Membership Rates exclusively for the companies interested to participate in this program.
  • Employees come to either one of our 2 centers once a month to receive their Tension Relief Massage.
  • We provide detailed session notes and progress report.
  • After 6 month, there is an option to renew. 

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or discuss the Tension Relief Program

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