Deep Thai Massage

Deep Thai Massage is our own unique blend and combines the best of Deep Tissue Massage and traditional Thai massage. Deep Thai contains 15+ techniques that are our proprietary combination, and our therapists are trained to offer it only to our clients. 

Why do we love it?  Because it's more effective than the standard deep tissue work. 

How does it work?

1. You wear comfortable clothing on the bottom: shorts, Thai pants (provided), or loose pants. This allows your therapist to explore different movement patterns to be able to access deeper layers of tension through gentle stretching. 

2. You undress fully on top. This allows for traditional use of massage cream or oil on the back and shoulders. 

3. Through gentle stretching and movement techniques, your therapist is able to position the body in a way that provides different angles of pressure, and allows greater access to hard-to-access areas of tension. 

4. Deep tissue compressions and glides are used to release deep muscle tension.

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