Frequently Asked Questions

What should I tell my massage therapist? 

Please read this page about the most important questions to ask your therapist.

Can I eat before my massage? 

A small meal, or a snack, is OK if you must. It's best not to have a full stomach when receiving bodywork.

What if I am late?

For you and for your therapist, rules of common courtesy apply. The appointment should start, and end, on time. Arrive for your session a few minutes early. Promptness guarantees you'll receive your full session.

If traffic causes you to arrive late, expect the session to still end at the appointed time. Other clients are likely scheduled after you.

If you must cancel an appointment, call 12 hours in advance. Check with your therapist about fees incurred for missed or canceled appointments.

How long is the Intake Process?

5-10 minutes. The intake process is detailed. It allows us to understand your concern better and be more effective in our treatment.

Do I have to undress?

No. However, it depends on the type of massage therapy you would like to receive.

Thai massage, Tui Na, Thai MT, and Acupressure are preferably performed with the clothes on. It's best to wear comfortable and loose clothing.

Oil massage (Swedish massage), Deep Tissue, and Neuromuscular Therapy are best done directly on the skin, with the recipient appropriately draped with a sheet. The recipient undresses in private and gets under the sheet before the massage therapist enters the room.

Thai Herbal Ball Massage is ideally performed on the skin as well. Proper draping techniques are applied.

How does the couple's massage work? Are the massages done at the same time, side by side, or one after another?

Couple's Massage is usually done at the same time.

The couple have a choice of whether to stay in the same room, in which case two massage tables are placed side by side, or in two separate rooms.

Massage therapists always prefer to work in separate rooms as it gives us more space to move around. Plus, separate rooms ensure more privacy and confidentiality.

At East West, we have rooms for either one.

Do I need to remove my contact lenses or eye glasses? 

Glasses, yes.

It's preferable to remove the contact lenses for your own comfort, especially if the work is done on the face and scalp.

Is there a 1 hr session just for hands and feet?

Of course. Just ask your therapist. Specify what needs work and they will focus on it, within appropriate professional and personal boundaries.

What should I do during the massage?

Breathe. Try to relax. Consciously let go of any muscle tension you might be feeling. If the mind can't stop thinking, focus on the sensation of the massage. Make it a meditation.

Is Thai Massage painful to receive?

Thai massage should not be painful to receive. However, when areas of imbalance are found and worked on, they may feel tender and sore when Thai massage techniques are applied.

You should always communicate with the therapist at any time about pressure and your comfort level.

Should I talk?

It helps to be interactive in the beginning to let your therapist know about problem areas. Voice your needs in terms of pressure, room temperature, music, etc.

After a few minutes into the session, try to get comfortable with silence. Stillness multiplies the restorative benefits of massage.

What if I laugh or cry?

Exhilaration, exhaustion, giddiness, and tears are all natural responses to massage. You may experience intensely creative thoughts. The solution to a long-unsolved problems may dawn. Emotional outbursts are common.

It's a compliment to the therapist, if they created the space for you to open up and let go.

Should I tip?

A tip is a gift, and it's appreciated. It's not a requirement. If you feel you've received excellent service and you'd like to tip, 15-20% is a good guideline.

What happens after the session?

The recipient is left to enjoy the tranquil state for a few minutes.

Then, they are greeted with a glass of water in the waiting room. Privacy is given to change back into street clothes, and use the restroom.

Finally, the payment is made.

Why do I need to drink water after bodywork?

Massage therapy increases circulation of fluids, thereby dislodging a lot of natural toxins (metabolic waste) from the cell tissues. Additional water is required in the cell tissues to help flush out the toxins.

Certain techniques focus on breaking up adhesions and scar tissue which also get released into the intracellular fluid and the blood. The more water is available in the body, the easier the process of detoxification.

How can I compliment my therapist?

Fall asleep during the session. Refer friends to your therapist. Tell your therapist the session passed too quickly.

It's rewarding when a client leaves the massage saying: "When is your next open appointment?" Returning regularly is the best compliment a client can give.

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