Ilya Orsher

Bodywork Styles and Tools:

  • Thai Bodywork
  • TokSen Thai Energy work
  • Tachyon Advanced healing
  • Quantum Touch energy healing

Dear members of East West Massage, my name is Ilya Orsher. I will be with East West Massage until the end of summer, practicing a blend of healing modalities, around the core of Thai Yoga Bodywork. I graduated Brandeis Univ. with a keen interest in psychology. Henceforth, after spending ample time in ashram settings in India and Thailand, I have naturally gravitated toward a more integrated approach to health and healing. 

Metta, usually translated from Sanskrit as "loving kindness", is of primary importance in a healing session. As my teacher says "When the touch is infused with the conscious will to heal, the therapy benefits may be immense."

In order to raise the vibrational level of the session I make use of Advanced Tachyon Technologies products. Tachyon energy is an advanced physics term, it is not a frequency in itself but is that which is the source of all frequencies. It's right at the top of the pyramid of the energetic continuum that eventually is your visible body. As matter ages, the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs) undergo deformation and so does the corresponding tissue or organ. That is how we age. Tachyon has a negentropic (regenerating) effect on the SOEFs and is a means to deeper states of wellness.

Quantum Touch is a healing modality where the hands are placed on an area
of the body and various scanning and breathing techniques are used to
run the gamut of frequencies through the hands and through the receiver's body.
This stimulates the body's self-healing mechanisms on many subtle levels.

TokSen is a traditional Thai Bodywork tool. It is a wooden mallet and a blunted stick that is gently "tokked"/tapped along the body's sen energy lines. In the east this is known as a great regenerative for the nerve tissues. In the west this type of therapy is called percussion and is mostly applied as a way to lose weight.

Through the combination of these healing modalities, I hope to affect and rebalance the gross and the subtle aspects that make up who you are.

I am intrigued to see what kind of reception this type of treatment receives here in Boston as well as to study the results. If you feel drawn or interested in experiencing this type of treatment, then I will see you soon. 

In health and gratitude.

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