Main Ligaments in the Foot

The foot is a miracle of nature. 

A natural self-supporting bridge and a spring all in one. 

Here are the three main ligaments of the foot. 

The top ligament in the image is known as the Spring Ligament (plantar calcaneonavicular ) . With every step, it bears much of the body's weight, stores elastic energy and acts as a spring. When the Spring Ligament is lax, or loose, or torn, it causes flat foot. 

The other two ligaments in the image are part of the plantar fascia of the foot. When too short/too tight, these ligament start splinting off, or tearing off, their attachment at the heel bone, causing the infamous condition of Plantar Fasciitis.  

The job of all foot ligaments is the stability of the foot. This means that the best thing to do is to support them in their quest for more stability = strengthen the foot. 

These regular foot and ankle exercises maintain the health and strength of your feet: 

Heel Lifts/Raises

Eccentric Heel Drops

Single Leg Balance

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