5 Reasons Bodybuilders Need A Massage

These days you can frequently see muscle clad men and women vigorously working foam rollers before a work out. Smart athletes know that when they stimulate the muscles areas and work out all the knots in the muscle tissue, athleticism, strength, agility and performance all increase.

After a heavy training cycle or maybe perhaps after months or years of heavy lifting massage therapy can destress the muscles, relieve stiffness and tension and help reduce lactic acid build up. This all leads to enhanced recovery, a more proactive increase in muscular gains and detoxifies the anti-muscle building hormone cortisol from the body.

In fact any athlete involved in intensive training sessions from football players to treadmill runners will all benefit from regular massages. Here are 5 reasons why.

1.     Massage speeds up recovery during heavy workout sessions. If you are training for a completion regular heavy training is a must. Massage stimulates soft tissue repair which will leave you refreshed and ready for the next training session.

2.     Massage improves blood circulation which increases the flow of nutrients flowing through the bloodstream. This speeds up the removal of toxins from the body. Good circulation also helps you breathe more easily. If your lungs are restricted this can cause lots of issues from energy to sleep problems. All of these will ruin your efforts in the gym and play havoc with your recovery.

3.     Improved flexibility – massages stretch the muscles fibers and increases flexibility. To become a better deadlifter flexibility is key. Tight muscles can cause imbalances in the body. Regular massage loosens up the muscles so they do not become taut with tension. The muscles in the pecs for instance can become so tight that they restrict the opposing muscles, those of the back. Imbalance in a bodybuilders physique will ruin any chances of competition wins.

4.     Pain Relief- massage reduces the pain factor in aching muscles. What’s the first thing you do when you strain your neck or shoulder? You start to massage the affected area. A trained masseuse will focus on this and also zone in to the areas you cannot reach. Less pain equates to less fear on taking on big lifts. Naturally it equates to more muscle growth and the pain developing into a more serious injury.

5.     Muscle & Mind Relaxation – we all know the bodybuilding mantra involving the mind to muscle mantra. The same is related to tension. Relax the muscle and you will also relax the mind. Massage is an amazing stress reliever.

If you are finding a hard time recovering between workouts then a weekly massage can do wonders for your body. If you are irritable, stressed, or are not just making your heavy lifts anymore a weekly massage can help your gym performance, and help your body and mind recover. It can also improve your sleep patterns, reduce or eliminate muscular pain, and relieve your tension.

Article supplied by Frank Lloyd of The Treadmill Reviewers.

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