Massage Therapy Articles

General Articles

Most Important Question for Your Massage Therapist

7 Healthy New Year Resolutions

5 Reasons for Massage

Instant Posture Improvement 

Why We Offer Couples Massage in Two Separate Rooms

Is RICE All Wrong?

5 Reasons Bodybuilders Need A Massage

How to Recover After Travel

Why Massage Works5 Reasons why massage therapy is so effective at optimizing health.

S.I. Joint Stabilization and Mobilization Exercise

How Much Salt Do We Lose in Exercise

Muscles, Joints, and Tissues Articles

The Main Foot Ligaments

Why We Need to Stretch the Calf Muscles

Posterior Tibialis for Ankle Stability

Quad Pro Quo - What we know about the Quadriceps

Do you need to stretch your Hamstrings?

Adductor Muscles and their Treatment

Your Most Important Hip Stability Muscle

The Hip Flexors: How Many Are There?

How to Stretch the Hip Flexors Safely

The deepest hip flexor

The Psoas Muscle

What is Core? 

The Strongest Muscle in the Body

What is IT band and how to deal with IT? 

The Crunchy Shoulder Muscle

Rotator Cuff Muscles Explained

Is Your Trapezius Tight?

The Always-Tight Muscles - Pectoralis Major and Minor

Strengthen Your Latissimus for Good Posture

The Little Neglected Subclavius

The Superhero Muscle

Why It Is Important To Stretch and When Not To Stretch

Issues in the Tissues

Plantar Fasciitis Relief

How to Heal Achilles Tendonitis

How to Heal Achilles Tendon Tear in a Week

Is Dead Butt Syndrome Real?

Playing Tennis - Back Pain

Pain in the Butt Muscles - the Deep Six

S.I. Joint - Best thing to do to keep it healthy

Protruding Abdomen - Diastasis Recti - What it is and how to treat it without surgery

Most peculiar and diverse trigger point muscle

What not to do if you have a frozen shoulderWhat causes it and how to treat it.

Treating Sciatica with Thai Massage

Thai Massage for Stress Relief

Thai Massage for Hip Health

Biceps Brachii Issues

Whiplash Treatment

The Yoga Butt Syndrome: Do You Stretch Your Piriformis

Massage for Back Pain due to Slipped Disk

Sciatica Relief

Piriformis Syndrome and Its Treatment

QL Pain That Doesn't Seem to Go Away

Deep Back Muscles Pain - Multifidus and Rotatores

How to Keep Healthy Knee Joints

Quick Self Fix for Tight Shoulder Muscles

Intercostal Ribcage Muscle Tension and How to Treat It

Treating Pain Below the Shoulder Blades and Near the Spine

Splenius Muscles Trigger Point Relief

Quadratus Femoris Pain and Treatment

Pec Minor - the Hidden Prankster Muscle

How Massage Helps with Scar Tissue Removal

Massage for Ankle Ligament Sprains

Coccydynia - Pain in the Tailbone

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