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East West Body Therapy

"Monthly Thai massage has made a huge difference for me physically and psychologically. Physical and mental stress have dissipated and positive energy has emerged. I highly recommend East West Massage studios as a client and a physician. Western medicine alone is insufficient for maintaining the health and sense of well-being that we all deserve."

~ Helaine D., Newton, MA

"I have been to different massage therapists all around Boston over the past few years and Camille Roux is simply the best I have ever been to. I cant say enough wonderful things about her. Highly recommend her."

~ Colleen C., Somerville, MA

"My therapist at East West Massage was phenomenal. I've been to several therapists off and on over the years and she is definitely my favorite so far. I have older volleyball injuries, tight IT bands, and travel cross-country every week, so my body takes a beating. I had been suffering from extreme lower back pain recently so decided to get a massage on top of going to the chiropractor. She focused on exactly what I asked for and was extremely thorough. She was also very personable, which made me feel extremely comfortable."

~ Jessica W., Atlanta, GA

"I've been going here regularly for almost a year now after trying some other places closer to home in Cambridge.

Ramon is really great! He's very professional, he listens carefully and tailors each session to your particular needs. He combines various massage techniques during each session for an overall great experience.

I love the sauna here too. It's the perfect way to ease yourself back into reality after a great massage. I always do 30 minutes but the time goes by really quickly.

Overall I highly recommend East West Massage. Well worth the trek from Cambridge!"

- Timothy, Cambridge, MA

"I've used massage on and off for a decade to ease stress, maintain blood pressure, and address sports injuries. I have had great massage therapists, but Ramon really blew me away. First, he knows his anatomy. Second, he uses a range of techniques to best address your issues. Third, he has a very calming and quiet presence. And fourth, he didn't get mad when I walked in late (and extremely flustered) for my first appointment. :) My post-massage body is so happy, especially my neck and shoulders. I wholeheartedly recommend him."

- Sandy, Newton, MA

"I have been getting massages for decades and my therapist at East West understands what it takes to tap into one's energy. The relaxing, Swedish massage put me to sleep and set me up for a productive and clear-headed day the following day. I would definitely recommend East West to anyone looking to relax and relieve stress. I'll be back again next week."

~ Mark M., Boston, MA

"This was my first massage ever and the experience was awesome. Can't wait to go back and do it again."

~ Scott C., Belmont, MA

"I first came to East West Massage as an alternative to physical therapy for two issues: a long term problem related to leftover side effects from a shoulder surgery that caused a lot of tightness and discomfort in my right Trap and an immediate need in that I had an extreme crick in my neck, which hurt a lot and severely limited my range of motion. Over the course of a few sessions, my therapist was able to fully resolve the neck issue and drastically improve the discomfort in my Trap. He did so through a range of techniques that combined the best of Eastern and Western massage therapy."

~ Brad V., Boston, MA

"I have been looking for a Thai massage therapist and found the answer in East West Massage. My therapist was great ... exactly what I was looking for. I have booked my husband in 2 weeks, can't wait to see his response."

- Johanna L., Boston, MA

"It seemed like my therapist tuned in completely to my body and knew exactly how much pressure to put on each knot. I left feeling very relaxed and refreshed."

~ Lana K., Brookline, MA

"I want to let you know that the Thai massage helped my knees tremendously. The following few days I felt better than I had in years and I continue to feel much better. I kept going up and down the stairs and yelling to my husband that it's amazing - I am not in pain! I will be back for a tune-up soon."

~ Stephanie E., Newton, MA

"It was a huge pleasure to meet you and experience the Thai massage /Neuromuscular therapy today. You can't imagine how inspirational and transformative an experience it was to me. (Yes, I truly mean it.) I appreciated all your effort and your suggestions to my knee problems. I will let my friends know about your service. Look forward to seeing you again!"

~ Sinie H., Cambridge, MA

"I just want to let you know that I started running again today, and felt no pain in my hip afterwards. I attribute it to the healing massage you gave me yesterday. Thank you so much!"

~ Karen, Weston, MA

"The Thai massage was fantastic (been meaning to email you to let you know how great I feel). I have always had pain in my right shoulder. I couldn't even believe it...the pain is gone. I feel wonderful. Can't wait to come in for another massage. I will absolutely be making regular appointments."

~ Denise T., Wellesley, MA

"I want to take this opportunity to Thank You! I have seen a tremendous improvement in my hip and shoulder after only two sessions. At the same time, the entire experience is so peaceful and relaxing that I will certainly continue to visit even when I am not experiencing the stiffness and pain. Your studio is like a mini oasis in my somewhat hectic life and I look forward to each and every visit! Namaste."

~ Carol S., Roslindale, MA

"Thanks, you might be meeting the whole family! I really enjoyed the Thai massage yesterday and have been feeling good all day! I just realized that I have not felt the need to "crack" my neck all day. That's really good! It was interesting to notice how different I felt compared to the classic massage. After the Thai I felt taller, lighter and energetic. After a classic deep massage, I feel heavier and very relaxed. Both are nice- just surprisingly different."

~ Ellen V., Newton, MA

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