Sauna and Steam Room

(only at the Newton location)

Our sauna is a traditional dry/wet cedar-wood sauna (not far infra-red sauna). Hot rocks are designed to take some water to create steam.

The steam room is a small single-user cabin. Both sauna and steam room are in the same space and rented together as a unit and can service only one party at a time (2 users maximum).

CALL or TEXT 614-340-9870 to book the Sauna

East West provides:
- bath towel;
- hand towel to sit on;
- robe for after your massage;
- pair of slippers;
- shampoo, conditioner, and soap;
- hair dryer

Please Bring Your Own:
- hair brush or comb

When to use the Sauna
The Sauna can be used either before or after a massage. However, we recommend afterward:
- to prevent perspiring during the massage; and
- to continue detoxification

How to use the Sauna
The sauna process is a repeated cycle of HEATING, COOLING, and REST.

On the first round of this cycle, stay until you break a sweat (about 10 minutes). On subsequent rounds, stay for as long as 20 minutes.

It’s essential to cool off after each round. You can use a cool or cold shower. Traditionally, a cold plunge pool or a roll in the snow would do. Allegedly, the quicker and more extreme the temperature change, the stronger the cardiovascular and the immune systems become. Build up to it very gradually.

Wait before going in for the next round for at least 5 minutes. Drink water; breathe slowly.

You can do as many rounds as you like. Most sauna goers do three or four rounds (1-2 hours).

Multiple Sauna Packs
(30-Minute Single-User Sessions, can be combined to 60min, additional user counts as a visit)
3-Pack -- $60 ($20/visit)
4-Pack -- $80 ($20/visit)
5-Pack -- $90 ($18/visit)
10-Pack -- $150 ($15/visit)
20-Pack -- $250 ($12.5/visit)

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