Sciatica Relief

Sciatica refers to the back pain stemming from a bulging disk in the lower back region and running down the Sciatic nerve. Patients feel the pain shooting down into the butt and down one leg. 

As in the Back Pain article, massage can help with Sciatica pain relief. First, the muscles surrounding the bulging disk can be relaxed with hands-on treatment. And second, gentle traction can be applied to the spine to decompress the vertebrae and take pressure off the disks. 

It's critically important NOT to stretch the back muscles, or the butt, gluteal muscles, at the onset of any Sciatic pain. Unfortunately, it's a common recommendation to stretch the back and the Piriformis muscle to 'relieve Sciatica.' Please don't. Stretching creates more aggravation and tearing of already compromised tissue, and in ninety-nine percent of cases causes more pain. 

The best treatment for mild (non-surgical) Sciatica is to rest, get a massage, do hot-cold therapy (ice packs and hot baths), and gentle movement like easy walks and gentle back stability exercises like Low Cobra Pose, Donkey Kicks, and Leg Extensions. 

Often, the Sciatic Pain comes from a tight Piriformis muscle. Not considered a true Sciatica, this condition exhibits the same symptoms, and is more easily treatable by releasing the Piriformis. 

A few years ago, I've written an article on treating Sciatic pain with Thai Massage. This article focused on the Piriformis treatment, as well as explained the background of Thai massage. If you have a few of minutes to read, here's the full article

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