Sebastian Pattavina, LMT

Massage Specialties: Deep Tissue, Table Thai Massage, Sports Massage, Myofascial Therapy, Swedish Massage, Shiatsu blend, and Hot Stone

Personal Information

Sebastian has been practicing massage professionally since 2000 when he graduated from The Stillpoint Program at Greenfield Community College. He has been a Certified Yoga Instructor since 2007 as a graduate of the Nosara Yoga Institute in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Sebastian is an intuitive, spiritually-guided, strong, yet sensitive massage therapist who has been highly requested in the best spas in Vail, Martha's Vineyard, and Bali. He is regularly imported to Connecticut and New York to see select clients because of his unique style. 

He is the founder of The Mod Spa on Martha's Vineyard and finds time in his busy schedule to come to Boston in the off-season to see clients. East West is happy to have Sebastian join our team for the winter season.

His highly reviewed, signature massage techniques range from very traditional Western Swedish to a unique fusion of Deep Tissue and Table Thai which he refers to as the "East-West" blend. He is also certified in Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy.

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