S.I. Joint Stabilization and Mobilization Exercise

As mentioned in the main article on the SI joint, stability is critical for this joint. However, a small degree of mobility is also necessary, especially for movements that involve spinal torque as in golf, lunging as in tennis, and hip rotation as in yoga.

The following is one of the best exercises that works on both stability and mobility of the S.I. joint. This exercise is borrowed from Structural Yoga Therapy. 


Sit on the left Glute, both feet to the right. 

Keep the left foot against the right thigh. Keep the right foot close to the right hip. 

Sit on a soft surface (yoga mat, blanket) for ankle/knee comfort. 

Part 1: Pelvic Tilts

Place both hands on the hips.

Tuck the tailbone and round the lower back - Exhale. 

Lengthen the abdomen and arch the lower back - Inhale. 

Strive for smooth fluid movement. 

Repeat 20 X. 

Part 2: Hip Rolls

Lean onto your left arm. Keep the right hand on the hip. Most of your weight should be on the left Glute. 

Tighten the Right Glute rolling up to the RIght and rotating slightly to the Right. Stay seated (no lifting off the floor) - it's a small and gentle movement.

Focus on activating/strengthening the Glute attachments at the Sacrum. 

Inhale - roll up --- Exhale - roll down.

Repeat 20 X. 

Switch legs to the other direction and Repeat on the other side. 

The S.I. exercise is great as a warm up or after a workout to balance the S.I. joint. 

You will notice that one side is less comfortable/ tighter than the other. You can spend a few extra repetitions on that tighter side. 

By Slava Kolpakov, Structural Yoga Therapist

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