Thai Massage 

Thai Massage is a specialty of East West Massage Boston.

Developed in Thailand centuries ago, Thai massage combines deep tissue compressions, trigger point therapy, and passive stretching techniques.

Commonly referred to as "Lazy Man's Yoga", it's performed on a soft mat and has greater movement patterns than regular table massage.

Practitioners are able to get access to body areas that are hard to access with traditional table therapy. Side-lying positions are used to work on hips and shoulders as well as the deeper layers of muscles along the spine.

Who is Thai massage best for?
- Anyone trying to gain greater range of motion in their muscles and joints.

- Athletes find Thai massage extremely helpful to maintain good range of motion in their hip flexors and shoulder muscles.

- Anyone stuck in a seated position for too long would love Thai Massage as it helps to stretch open the body in a gentle way.

We find that the effects of Thai massage are long lasting because it affects the joints and addresses movement patterns instead of just isolating separate muscles.

Many massage therapists at East West practice Thai massage and blend it with other massage styles like Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy. This is primarily due to East West's founder, Slava Kolpakov, who spent a long time in Thailand and teaches Thai massage courses in the area.  

What to expect
A combination of gentle point pressure, a wide variety of yoga-like stretching, and passive joint movements, applied very slowly with gentle rocking and rhythmic compressions along your body’s natural energy lines called the Sen lines (see below for detailed explanation).

How to prepare

The session is performed with client fully clothed on a thick Thai massage mat on the floor. Please wear comfortable clothing that will allow for a full range of motion.

Slava's Thai Massage Training

International Professional School of Bodywork (2004-2005): Thai Massage Specialization and Table Thai Massage

Chiang Mai, Thailand (most of 2006):
~ Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai;
~ Mrs. Nit Chaimongkon and her family;
~ Mr. Sinchai;
~ Mr. Jack Chaya at the Lek Chaya Nerve Touch School;
~ Koji Hiroshige, a Japanese master, one of the primary students and instructors in the lineage of Master Pichest Boonthume;

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