Tight Shoulders Help

Shoulder muscles like Upper Trapezius, Levator Scapula, and Supraspinatus get tight in prolonged seated or standing positions. 

This is because our arms hang on these muscles, over-stretching them and eventually over-fatiguing. That's how chronic tension builds up overtime. 

For a quick fix to relieve these achy shoulder muscles and reduce shoulder tension within minutes, here is what you can do with a friend, or your partner. 

1. Sit up straight in a chair, and lean your head away from the side to be worked on;

2. Your partner should use the flat part of their elbow (not the pointy part), and gently place it directly on the spot between the neck and the shoulder (the corner of neck and shoulder). This is Point 1.

3. Using their body weight, your partner gradually 'pours' their body weight into that spot. This is a long and steady compression held for up to 1 minute. It's important they they don't poke, or press too quickly. Slow melting compression is the most effective way to release these muscles. 

4. The next point (Point 2) is the Levator attachment at the top of the shoulder blade (at the superior angle of the scapula). Your partner should find the top edge of your shoulder blade and its inside (medial) corner (nearest to the spine). The technique is the same: slow gradual compression with the flat of the elbow held for a long time. 

5. Finally, Point 3 is located directly on top and in the center of the shoulder between the neck and the arm/shoulder joint. This point is also known as Gall Bladder 21 in Chinese Acupressure. 

6. Repeat on the other side. Your partner can 'work' (circle and roll) their elbow into each point, after holding each compression first. 

If you do not have a partner who is willing to do this for you, we are here to help! Call us anytime. 

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