Why We Offer Couples Massage in Separate Rooms

Couples Massage is a great option and we love when couples book their appointments together. 

We also love it when couples rebook their appointments and make massage therapy part of their monthly routine. 

However, unlike other massage centers, or spas, we do not like to offer Couple's Massage in the same room. Instead the two massage sessions take place at the same time in two separate rooms. Here is why.

1. At East West, we do not have a room big enough to fit two massage tables comfortably. It's very uncomfortable for our massage therapists to bump into each other when the tables are squeezed into a small room. 

2. Even if we had a big enough room, we would still try to convince you to book two separate rooms. 

Our massages are focused on therapy. If you have been here before, you know that we focus on specific concerns, and have a conversation about treating any discomfort or pain. This conversation is on-going during the session, and we consider it a private personal matter as it relates to you. Not everyone is comfortable sharing their personal aches and pains with their partner. Providing Couple's Massage in the same room prevents this candid therapeutic conversation from taking place and impedes the best therapeutic outcome. 

3. Getting a Couples Massage in the same room does not mean that you and your partner will talk to each other, or even see each other. Often people zone out, and fall asleep during massage, so it really does not matter if you are in the same room. 

4. Finally, if your therapists are speaking to you and your partner during same-room Couple's Massage, it can be pretty distracting. Instead of relaxing and focusing on the benefits of the massage and communicating to your therapists about the depth of the pressure, you may feel distracted by the conversation, or compelled to participate in it, thereby missing to enjoy the work. 

We hope this explains our perspective, and you may choose to book a Couples Massage here. However, if you insist on the same room session, we suggest that you look to book elsewhere. There are other massage centers and spas that are happy to provide this service. 

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